The Final Girl

This is not exactly my greatest achievement, but I did find it curious enough to include it here.

The Final Girl (2015) is the prototype of a Clock Tower type game that I had in mind for a while. We tried to make it between three people with GameMaker Studio, and although it’s a very incomplete game, it seemed like a lot of fun even at such an early stage of development. Too bad we didn’t finish it!

At least we got to record some gameplay:

The game was intended to be about a teenage girl who has to survive for three minutes until the police arrive to save her from a Jason Voorhees-like serial killer. Obviously I was inspired by slasher films and the concept of «the final girl», which I read about in research for a book I published shortly after about horror video games.

I composed the soundtrack with an online editor called Bosca Ceoil. I think I heard of it because Magnus «Souleye» Pålsson used it to compose the soundtrack for VVVVVV, one of my favourite games at the time.

I was even inspired to develop a full game design document:

What do you think? Should I return to it?

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